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What You Should Know About the Best Detox Shampoo for THC

There are several reasons why you would want to clean out the THC in your body. Maybe your employer has given you an impromptu notice of an impending drug test in a few days. You probably have dodged it once or twice in the past, but this time around things are a little bit different.

You might be in for a hair drug test. This type of test is quite impossible to cheat. It’s usually terrifying even to those that have never used marijuana before. But don’t panic, it requires just a dollar or a few more to buy some of the best shampoo for removing marijuana or THC here.

What does a hair drug test show?

This might not be the most commonly used drug test method, but it is still used in various occasions. You are probably wondering why? To put you in the know, employers are choosing this test over the others for its ability to detect substance abuse even if it was used 3 months ago. The method can be used when checking for multiple uses too.

When you consume a pot for recreational or medicinal purposes, the TCH level in your bloodstream will automatically increase. Hair follicles receive the THC via the blood and traces of the active agent remains in the follicles even after the body system is cleansed.

This particular drug test can be used to detect various substances including; marijuana, heroin, nicotine, LSP, cocaine, PCP, and alcohol among others. Traces of these compounds can be found in the hair follicle for a period of about twelve months from usage.

How is hair drug test performed?

It will be essential to at least know some few details on how this examination is performed. When summoned for the drug test, a specialized clinician will cut about one and a half inch of your hair follicle.

Typically, the specimen measuring one and a half inch is collected because it is believed that an average human hair grows by roughly an inch in every month. Considering the validity of the test lasting for three months, this amount of hair will correspond with that length of time.

The hair sample will be taken to the lab for the THC level to be determined, and results shown after 2 to 3 days. The level of THC in your sample should below the threshold allowed after the test. The threshold is usually about 50ng/ml. This is a bit high than you may perceive. So, if you register a value that is below the set threshold, your result will be recorded as negative.

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How to beat hair drug test

As mentioned earlier, this type of drug test is often not easy to dodge, but nothing remains unsolved under the sun. To stay clean, consider abstaining from drug abuse, but if the damage is already done, consider purchasing the specialized hair shampoo products that can effectively be used to dodge the THC test.

Also, you can beat the hair drug test by shaving your head bald. That’s right; if you cut your hair, you might just be lucky enough to be asked for other specimens like your urine or blood.

This technique will, however, look very skeptical, especially when you’ve been given a prior notice of a possible drug test. Click here to learn more on beating the hair drug test.

Hair detoxification

Beating urine or even a blood test is possible through natural body detoxifying, but it becomes much difficult when dealing with hair. They usually remain dead once they grow past the follicles. This means that the cells cannot cleanse themselves thus they will remain unaffected no matter what you eat.

This only gives you one more open option: Detox shampoo that can clean and remove traces of the drug compound from the hair. Additionally, the detox shampoo can add some other compound in the that can contaminate the HTC compound in the hair.

The market is filled with various detox shampoos to choose from, but sadly enough, not all of them are as effective as portrayed in their advertisements.

Notably, certain detox shampoos products in the market can only clean the outer layer of the hair but doesn’t cut deep into the shaft. The shaft is usually the elemental part of the strands. Ideally, it is the shaft that is mostly tested for THC. This indicates that using products that can only clean the outer layer of the hair can be ineffective for you to clear your test.

Before you spend a dollar on any product, always be sure to research the products in the market thoroughly. One way of choosing a detox hair shampoo is by searching for the products reviews and rating online.