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What to Do if You Have a Loved One Who is Addicted to Illicit Drugs

There’s nothing more painful than seeing a loved one destroy his life because of illicit substances. Not only is he creating a hole for himself, one that he may have difficulty crawling out from, he is also creating cracks in the bonds of the family. You want to help your loved one but you clearly don’t know how. Here are things you need to do if you have a loved one who is addicted to illicit drugs.

  • Verbalize your concern with other members of the family 

It is oftentimes best to verbalize your concerns with other members of your family so you can find a common ground upon which you can work out something to bring to your loved one’s attention. You can encourage everyone to chip in an idea of their own on how you can help your drug dependent to start moving away from illicit substances. And even if you end up with no concrete plans at all, the mere fact that you’re able to get the burden off of your chest is relief in itself.

  • Get in touch with a drug addiction counselor 

More often than not the reason why we don’t know what to do in case our loved one has fallen victim to illicit substances is that we don’t have the right knowledge about such situations. While you can most certainly use the internet to search for anything and everything about drug addiction and rehabilitation, the information you read are written in the general. They don’t specifically address the symptoms or issues that you are now experiencing from your loved one. It’s a good thing there are drug addiction counselors who are fully trained to give you more than a backgrounder on what addiction is. More importantly, she will also provide you with your own emotional and psychological support to help you through this ordeal.

  • Consider employing intervention services

There is a service in the drug rehabilitation circle known as ‘intervention’. It is more like having a controlled confrontation with your loved one. Family members including significant others get to sit together with the drug dependent and concerns are verbalized and raised so that the affected individual will also gain an idea of what his actions are doing to other people around him. His closest friends, a favorite teacher, or even a member of the clergy can join in the intervention.

A drug addiction rehabilitation professional who specializes in interventional activities serves as the facilitator of the meeting. Typically, everyone will have to learn their part in the intervention, sometimes memorizing the exact message they would like to convey to the individual from a sober living Houston facility. The point is to let the person know that a lot of people love him so much that they don’t want to see him destroying his life doing drugs. The goal of the intervention is to encourage the person to seek professional treatment and rehabilitation. If he doesn’t agree, then you’d have to face the reality that he may have to be brought to the facility against his will.

Dealing with a loved one who is a drug dependent is usually tough. However, if you do love him that much, then you’d have to really encourage him to seek professional treatment.