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What to Do After Getting Exposed to Infectious Body Fluid-like Blood

There are many traumatic events which can happen in our lives. One of which is the unexpected death of a loved one such as a family member or friend. What is worse is to discover the body yourself. With all emotions flowing, most of the time the person who finds the remains forget everything about safety and protocols and touch him. However, after everything makes sense, one has to remember that unattended death cleanup should not be done by anyone but only professionals. You also need to remember that exposure to blood and body fluids is not safe since it may contain viruses or infectious diseases which may pass on you and even other people who get in contact with it. Biohazard cleanup professionals are not just ordinary cleaners; they are trained experts with ample experience and training on these types of clean up and disinfection. It is understandable to have down moments when attending to the death of a dear one. However, you also need to consider yourself, and the dangers of getting exposed may entail.

What Are Body Fluids?

First and foremost, you need to know what the body fluids are. It doesn’t only mean blood; it includes semen and vaginal fluids as well as saliva and mucus. It involves fluids or serum coming out of the body, and it gets more dangerous when the person is no longer alive.

What Are The Dangers of Exposure to Blood and Other Body Fluids?

First, let’s define what exposure means. Exposure happens when the skin gets direct contact with any body fluid. Direct contact may mean just touching, or it could be severe such as compromising the skin due to an open wound or abrasion. You need to understand as well that the larger the exposed area and the longer time it is exposed, means greater danger. You can have anything as simple as allergies or viral infection or something as serious as HIV or Hepatitis.

What Protocols Should I Follow When Exposed to Blood and Body Fluids?

The first thing you need to do when you are exposed is to perform first aid yourself or ask for someone’s assistance. Remove any contaminated clothing then wash off the exposed area with soap and water. Make sure to flush any fluid down the drain to prevent further exposure for yourself and even for others. Once done, seek medical attention. Call for a physician or go to the clinic or hospital for proper evaluation.

What Should I Do when I Get Exposed?

If you are exposed, follow all necessary protocols such as having different types of tests at the hospital. It is to ensure that you do not get infected with any types of diseases or if you already are, health professionals will help you get healed. It is also to ensure that any infection is contained by yourself and no one else will get infected. If you tested positive or anything, it is best to receive appropriate shots to ensure fast recovery. To make things easy for the nurses, help them out by telling them all essential details regarding the exposure. These details should include what type of fluid were you exposed to, for how long, what first aid did you perform and similar information.