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What is Panchakarma? How You Can Eliminate Body Waste by Vaman Therapy

All our day to day habits are increasing toxins in our body, and our body is deteriorating because of those unhealthy habits. But no worries as Panchakarma is here to help cleanse our body and keep it healthy. It has unique methods of detoxifying our body from all harmful elements, which have accumulated due to our daily activities. This treatment also helps relax our minds and reduce the stress. Hence, it helps us live a better and a prosperous life.

The word ‘Panchakarma’ was originated using two magical words ‘Pancha’ which means five, and ‘karma’ which means work. Panchakarma includes the five methods to detoxify the body and make our life healthy (To know more visit: https://www.nuayurveda.com/kerala-panchakarma-treatments-benefits-cost/). It is one of the most popular treatments offered by the world of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the panchakarma treatment varies from person to person. It is totally based on one’s age, strength, imbalance property, level of resistance etc.

Panchakarma offers several benefits, such as; it eliminates toxins from our body, improves immunity, provides deep relaxation, improves digestion process, repair tissues, helps in weight loss, slows down the aging process, and more.

Before performing Panchakarma, the below-mentioned steps are practiced first

The process of Oleation

The process of applying oil to the body is known as oleation. Here the oil, which is applied is prepared according to the needs of the patient. This process loosens up the toxins from the body.
The process of Fomentation

The process of making a person sweaty is known as fomentation. The toxins present in our body, which are loosened from the process of oleation are made soft in this process. So that, the toxins can be easily flushed out from our body.

The Panchakarma treatment consists of five steps, and they are mentioned below:


In this process, the patient is made to vomit.


This is a process of cleansing our body through excretion.


During Nasya, one’s head cleansed and cleared through the method of massaging the head & shoulders.


This process is performed using herbal treatments.

This is a process of cleansing the blood of our body.

Vamana is one of the best treatment offered by Panchakarma. Vamana is a treatment which uses therapeutic vomiting. In this procedure, our body is detoxified both internally & externally. To perform this process, the methods of Oleation & Fomentation are carried out for a few days. This is done to loosen and soften the toxins to flush them out from the body easily. In the next step, medications like emetic medicines are given to the patient. This medicine makes the patient vomit and helps in clearing out the toxic materials from the tissues. This treatment is best for the people who are suffering from asthma & obesity.