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Tips for Rewarding Fitness Vacations

Is a fitness vacation on your bucket list? While the thoughts of lying on a beach for a week may be enticing, a healthy vacation full of activity is actually more rejuvenating than a week spent on the couch. Take these recommendations the travel experts to plan a week of adventure and healthy living.

The first steps are to secure your dates and budget. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoying the great values and packages available through Hotels.com.  Once you have identified and secured your accommodations, begin doing research on the activities available in the area you’ve selected. A beach vacation can be just a healthy with opportunities for work outs as a vacation hiking in the mountains.  When visiting an urban area, the amount of time spent walking can be very healthy.

Try to step out of your everyday comfort zone and look beyond the fitness facilities available at your hotel. Hiking, zip lining and kayaking are all forms of fun fitness. Outdoor activities are just as rejuvenating for the mind as for the body.  Most of the larger beach communities will have water sports equipment available for rental. From stand-up paddle boards to kayaks and roller skates, the possibilities for fitness on vacation are only limited by your imagination.

After a day of fitness, plan on healthy eating for the evening. Take the time to go to the local farmer’s market and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.  A healthy home-made meal will be much more in line with the goals of your fitness vacation that an oversized plate of fried food at the local diner.  This is a great opportunity to experiment with recipes and explore new tastes and methods of food preparation. You might even discover a new favorite!

After a week of fun and fitness, not only will you be rejuvenated to take on the myriad of responsibilities upon return, but you’ll no doubt be motivated to stay in shape until your next fitness vacation. Best of luck to you!