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Possible Side Effects of Too Many Amino Acids

Known to be the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are available in an assortment of animal based foods like dairy and meat products. Most people usually get the bulk of the amino acids needed for normal functioning of the body naturally, yet there are others who prefer to increase their intake through supplements. If you prefer the latter route, be aware of the following side effects of having too many amino acids in the body:


Pulmonary diseases

Cysteine is an amino acid associated with heart diseases. Too much ingestion of this amino acid will cause the formation of chemicals to signal the body that it is not getting the right amounts of oxygen. The body will then respond by constricting the arteries thus increasing the blood pressure in the lungs and this may ultimately lead to swelling of the heart.

Increased blood pressure

Phenylalanine and tyrosine are two amino acids known to cause dangerous increases in the blood pressure. Additionally, the two amino acids are also associated with dizziness, rapid heat beat and fatigue. These symptoms can cause major complications to individuals who are on medication for depression and it is always recommended to consult a doctor before such persons take the amino acids.

Interference with insulin

It has also been observed that cysteine cancels out the effect of insulin to those who take it as a supplement. It has the ability to change the initial shape of insulin molecules thus making them unable to metabolize sugar properly. This is not good news to people who are pre-diabetes or those already on medications for diabetes.

Impacts on kidneys

The kidneys are instrumental in ensuring the right acid-base balance in the body. Some dietary proteins have amino acids which are acidic in nature and these may end up affecting the acid-base balance in the body, causing the kidney to work hard in restoring the balance. Too much amino acid will also have to broken down and eliminated from the body, adding more pressure on the kidney since it will be responsible for filtering more blood in order to breakdown and eliminate the excess amino acids.