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Phenazepam:- Different Use and Side Effects of Drug

Phenazepam comes in the category of benzodiazepine and it has amnesic, euphoric, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant effects. The effect of the drug remains for at least sixty hours and if overdose than it can also last for weeks and many days. The urge to redoes will state after three hours of delay. Effects of the drug

The effect of the drug reaches its peak in two to four hours. It has anti anxiety effects in the therapeutic doses and it can also cause loss of coordination, dizziness, anterograde, drowsiness with higher doses. Some users also report severe double vision. At very high dose psychosis like behavior has also been reported. The effect of the dose will also depend upon the benzodiazepine tolerance of users. User without any tolerance may consider effects than a milligram. One user takes a high dose of the drug tolerance of hundred milligrams. T can lead to coma if a person takes such high dose without any tolerance.

Opinions vary from one person to another. Some says it is euphoric and others say it is non euphoric. People also use this drug in combination to have more effects. The dangerous combination of the drugs are drug with examine, gabapentin, pregabalin, oxycodone, marijuana, ketamine, wormwood and desoxypipradol.


Different uses

This drug is used as self medication to get rid of anxiety and insomnia. This drug is also recommended and also discouraged for alcohol withdrawal self management. This drug is also used to counter the opiate effects. This drug is also used for medical purpose such s to cure back pain and muscle spasm. There are several dangerous that area associated with this drug.  It can cause cardiovascular and respiratory complication. Combining this drug with other depressant drugs, alcohol, opiates can also cause death and respiratory depression. The combination of the drug can also lead to coma.

Overdose of the Phenazepam can lead to coma and death. Thus it is recommended to take the drug with extreme care. The effects of the drugs area also delayed for two to three hours and this can cause complications for inexperienced users as they notice no effects and believe that they have taken low dose and take more that results in overdose.