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Lester Levenson’s Advice on Depression and How to Stop It Before It Starts

The World Health Organization reports that like clockwork, somebody submits suicide. 800,000 people take their lives. That is more than wars and regular fiascos. There is a great deal of speak of late about discouragement and suicides of stars like Robin Williams. Why would a splendid and fruitful fellow like him take his own particular life? What would get somebody to that point? What was his psyche doing at that minute that let him know that was the best way to get alleviation structure the frequenting torment?

Lester Levenson, the inventor of the KISS Releasing System and my instructor/companion for 11 years, had the best answers for this. He was a completely acknowledged Master, as well as a physicist and tycoon. He recuperated himself of terminal coronary illness in 1952 at 42 and existed until 83. “The psyche is the foe”, he let me know. What did he mean? It is this. The brain is similar to a million year old machine hard drive brimming with a great deal of futile and contaminated records. It can never help us in light of the fact that IT is the issue. We search for answers there, yet it will just intensify things. The brain is just a junkyard of the past. It is a recording/replaying machine that won’t generally help us. It sees the future as restricted by what away there as our experience. Before I discovered and used KISS Releasing, I used to have long episodes of gloom. I saw everything as dim and negative with ho trust at all. It is amazingly frightful, and the sadness can drive you to end your life. I am certain this is the thing that Williams was encountering. His long-lasting ill-use of medications and cocaine exacerbated the issues.


Lester had this guidance. 1. Learn KISS Releasing and use it consistently. It will keep you out of melancholy andprove the psyche is misleading you. The 6 steps of KISS will keep the Truth before you. When we begin accepting the brain, we turn down into a mental vortex of cynicism that we will have some major difficulty moving out of. 2. Stay in the now. Wretchedness dependably concentrates on the past and the future and gets us into misery. Both are illusions of the psyche and are NOT genuine. Inquire whether this is genuine, or is it a brain f_ck. You can’t change the past, yet you CAN change your response to it now. 3. Read books by Masters and high otherworldlypeople. It will keep you lifted so you can’t be dismal. 4. Help other people. Be as sacrificial as possible. You can’t be discouraged while doing this. It’s outlandish. “Magnanimity is the best narrow-mindedness”, he said. 5. Exercise. It softens safety up your body and will lift you.

He let me know the people who slaughter themselves will return and need to face the same issues once more. Soit’s not an answer, simply a transitory break. 6. Lester said, “Affection, adoration, love. You’ll be so blissful, so sound, along these lines prosperous.”  When you are cherishing, its impractical to get discouraged.