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Keep Your Trampoline Safe from Rusting with These 5 Tricks

Looking to provide yourself and your family loads of everlasting fun? Well, getting a good trampoline is the easiest and most favorable way to go about it. If you’ve never had a trampoline before, know that this equipment can completely change how you view fun in a controlled environment. A Rebounder Trampoline, for example, if used appropriately, can provide you and your family loads of endless fun. However, there’s one thing that always seems to get in the midst of all the entertainment. And that is rust. If not addressed properly or early, rust can affect the overall integrity of your trampoline. If anything, your machine might turn from being an equipment of sheer fun to a hazardous one to use.

When caught by rust, trampolines can break at any time. When this happens, it’s highly likely that its users can sustain severe damage. Sometimes even broken bones. A rebounder trampoline, for one, can be especially dangerous to use when caught by rust.

Makes you wonder how you can deal with the rust menace and prevent it from damaging your trampoline. Well, here’s how.

  1. Use a trampoline cover

As of now, this is the simplest and easiest way to protect your Rebounder Trampoline from rusting. You can use a good trampoline cover to keep the frame of your trampoline dry at all times and prevent it from rusting. UV rays can also significantly damage other trampoline parts. All the reason you need a good cover to protect its integrity. Then, there is also the issue of falling debris that may even tear your trampoline. Besides these, trampolines are also susceptible to many other hazards that you must address. That is if you intend to have your trampoline serve you for a lot longer.

  1. Use water repellent

Water and moisture contribute to the formation of rust. However, you can prevent this by applying a good water repellent to your trampoline’s frame and springs. Water that gets to your trampoline doesn’t necessarily come from rain alone. You may even be watering the grass, and some water accidentally gets to your trampoline. Even this water can damage your trampoline and cause it to rust. Therefore, it’s upon you to act and apply a water repellent solution to prevent this from happening.

  1. Make sure to galvanize your frame

When shopping for a Rebounder Trampoline, ensure that you go for one that has a galvanized frame. A good trampoline must be galvanized both inside and out. However, not all trampolines are galvanized on both sides. Some manufacturers only galvanize the outside sides of the trampoline frames. This helps to prevent some rusting. However, should water get into the frames of your trampoline, then it will most likely rust from the inside. The rust will slowly eat away at your trampoline’s frame which is also just as bad. If the rusting is bad enough, then it also just as well affect the integrity of your trampoline and make it unfit for use.

  1. Store the trampoline away

To keep your trampoline free of rust, you also need always to store it away when not using it. Also, if you live in a humid region where the environment is always wet, then you might need to store your trampoline away. If, however, you stay in an area with warm weather all year round, then your trampoline may be safe staying outdoors. Even so, you may still need to keep it aside if you don’t intend to use it for an extended time. For the cold winter months, you will need to take your trampoline down and store it. The shed or garage is especially perfect storage places for your trampoline as long as these areas stay dry throughout the season.

  1. Keep away from pools & sprinklers

Most people place their trampolines in the yard due to the ample space. However, as you do this, you also want to be cautious not to set it near your backyard pool or sprinklers. As mentioned earlier, water and splashing from the sprinklers can cause sufficient rusting damage to your sprinklers. Even if your sprinkler is galvanized, you still need to try and avoid exposing your trampoline to the risk.

Look for an open space in your yard that isn’t too close to the pool, sprinklers or even trees.

Removing rust from trampoline springs

At some point, no matter how careful you might be, rust can find its way into your trampoline. The springs are notably the most affected in most instances. When this happens, your next step is to try and remove as much of the rust, if not all of it, from your trampoline. If done right, then your trampoline will look as good as new.

The first step involves inspecting your trampoline for any evidence of rust in your springs. If there are any, then mark them off.

Salt and lime

Mix a juice of half a cup of salt and two limes to form a paste. After forming the paste, your next step is to apply it directly onto the rust spots using a wooden spoon. Then allow the paste to sit on the rust spots for between two to three hours. Afterward, scrub off the rust spots using a toothbrush. This will help remove most of the rust from your trampoline springs. After this, you can then rinse the rust spots using clean water. Then make sure to dry the rinsed spots thoroughly using a clean cloth to prevent it from rusting again.

Ideally, you want to remove the rust from your trampoline on a warm sunny day. This helps to ensure that the frames and springs dry thoroughly. Once done, you can then apply petroleum jelly to the rusted spots to prevent them from rusting again. Ensure to use a mildly acidic paste solution like lime juice or vinegar.

Final thoughts

Preventing and removing rust from your Rebounder Trampoline is one sure way of ensuring it serves you for longer. Using a trampoline cover, ensuring you set it up away from water, and storing it away when necessary will all help protect your trampoline from rust. Rust is the number one enemy of trampolines. So, ensure you try as much as you can to prevent it from getting into and destroying your trampoline.