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How Your Kids Can Swing Their Way to a Healthier Life

Making outdoor play a priority is one of the most important things that you can do for your family. Not only does it get you and your kids moving and promote healthy bodies, but it also promotes emotional health. Outdoor play makes happy families! In this day and age, it seems like so many families are fighting the battle to get up off the couch and away from the computer screen, but providing an outdoor play space gives family members an incentive to get moving. Just as we create a specific place to sleep at night, so too is it important to create a specific space for outdoor play. Think of it as giving your family a space that’s dedicated to fun!

Studies show that regular access to swing sets is not only good exercise, but that it actually balances the neurological activity of the brain, facilitating easier sleep. That’s right, if your family has a backyard swing set, then your children are more likely to fall asleep quicker and enjoy a better night’s rest. This has to do with the sensory stimulation that the swinging motion provides. That goes for parents too – swing sets help your brain to find balance as well!

Fun for Kids

Jungle gyms are another perfect place for your family to play together. Exercises on jungle gyms burn lots of fat and calories, helping to improve body functions and ward off obesity. In addition, the open designs of jungle gyms offer children the opportunity to exercise their imaginations, forming creative games all on their own. Children learn to understand how their bodies move in space while playing on playground equipment. These swing sets and basketball equipment from Play Rainbow that are available online can be outdoor or indoor, and are easily expanded to create a play space that can satisfy any child.

Outdoor play equipment is easy to install and fun for the whole family to play on. Sets can be molded into every shape and size imaginable, and can be altered to fit any size space. Whether your family has a huge backyard or a small green space, there is outdoor play equipment available to suit your needs. Sets can be expanded as your family grows and changes, and will provide hours of creative play time that everyone can participate in. Imagine buildings and structures connecting in creative ways in your backyard to form an incredible set that will spark your child’s imagination! You can even incorporate a basketball net or outdoor basketball system.

Getting your child away from the computer and television screen to ensure they get the quality exercise time they need is a perfect way for your family to spend time and grow together. Playing together is an important way for families to connect, and specifically physical play brings families together by letting them use their collective imagination to make a world that’s unique to them. Outdoor play sets give families that opportunity – the opportunity to have fun!