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Healthy Snacking – Foods That Do You Good

Snacking when done in a healthy way has many health benefits to offer. They aid in weight loss, improve mental performance and concentration, prevent moods swings, energize and refuel the body with essential nutrients, boost metabolism and helps overcome cravings and discourages over eating.

The good advantages of snacking can only be obtained when the food you snack on is healthy. But the problem is in the name of snack all you get is the sugar-filled, calorie-dense, salty and fatty junk foods.  Junk labeled as fast food marketed especially for people who are on-the-run or tight on schedule with no time to sit for a proper meal, messed up our equation of healthy. Today it’s like the junk food or fast food and sugary drinks are omnipresent and people are forgetting that there are natural foods that are nutritious and healthy.

You can snack on healthy food- naturally grown food. If you think these foods cannot be eaten while working or while attending school or college, then think again. There are several foods that can be enjoyed and eaten without hassles, which are portable (fast and best then your regular unhealthy junk) and above all wholesome and packed with health boosting nutrients.

Some of the best on-the-go snack foods include

  1. NUTS- includes all you almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, Brazilian nuts, pistachio, pecans, walnuts etc. all nuts are healthy, brimming with antioxidants, fiber and the good omega. You can enjoy them roasted or plain, toss in all together or grab each of it on your way out.  Nuts can be easily stuffed in your pocket or purse and pop it while at work or on the road.
  2. FRUITS – think of them as a natural dessert. Craving for something sweet what better then a juicy and luscious fruits. All fruits are healthy and contain fiber and healthy carbohydrates.  Go for different varieties of fruits and more importantly for different colored fruits. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, packed in one fruit nourishes you body and mind. Carrying a single fruits or cut them and pack them in a small lunch box and smash your way throughout the day.
  3. DRIED FRUITS – Not comfortable carrying a fruits? No problem, that wherein the super concentrated and nutritious dry fruits come to the rescue. Like nuts, dried fruits have longer shelf life and easy to carry. You can even mix a few dried fruits with the crunchy nuts. Dried fruits like fruits are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber. Dates, apricots, raisins, figs, prunes, cranberries etc. are all there out for you to pick. A sweet treat for your tongue with a bonus of health.
  4. SEEDS – there are plenty to select from- Flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, garden cress seeds etc. They are tiny nutritional powerhouses bursting with healthy nutrients. They are easy to store and carry. But don’t go over eating them.  Remember self-control and portion control is important.

While we are at healthy snacking foods, it is imperative we talk about energy bars. Energy bars have got everyone talking and if we see it is nothing less than a magical solution to every excuse or problem in eating or snacking healthy.


We just looked at all the healthy snacks you can carry around with you and avoid or prevent yourself from being drawn towards unhealthy junk. What if there was an option that mixed all these great snacking options in one and made you’re snacking even healthier?

Energy bars can be really good at that. They contain the best of nutrients from the best of the ingredients. The healthiest energy bars available in the market contain the goodness of nuts, fruits, dried fruits, seeds blended together with oats, cereals or granola. Cherry on the topping is that they also manage to squeeze in proteins in the small, block of a bar we call the energy bars.

Energy bars are healthy replacement to your meals or missed breakfast compared to other processed and packages foods out there. Healthiest Energy bars or nutrition bars do not contain any added sugar or sugar substitutes and are free of the unhealthy Tran’s fat.

In all it is a good deal, a nutritious snack with the ease of storing and portability. So, what stopping you?  Switching from unhealthy to healthy cannot be easier than an energy bar in your pocket.