Healthy Snacking – a Way to Go!

Snacks are meals eaten between the three main meals. Mostly people avoid snacks for they believe that snacking leads to weight gain. Snacking has many health benefits to offer and when done smartly even helps you lose weight.

Healthy snacking has a positive impact on your overall health. Its boost mental function and keep you energized throughout the day. This is possible only when you choose healthy snacks and not sugar filled junk, fried crisps and fatty food. It is all about eating healthy food and choosing nutritious and fortifying snacks when hit with a hunger pang.


Healthy Snacking is all about wise choices. A snack is a quick bite that refills our energy much like a pit stop to refill and reenergize. Therefore a snack should be nutritious – providing varied nutrients and low in calories. An ideal snack should provide calories up to 150-200kcals with adequate amounts of proteins and other wholesome nutrients.

Another important criterion is the type of ingredients used. Always read the ingredient list of any product you buy. If your product contains healthful and natural ingredient then you can relax and enjoy your snack. Look for added sugar and fat content as the real problem lies there.


Based on the above requirements there are plenty of healthy snacking options you can choose from.

  1. Fruits and vegetables – packed with antioxidants and nutrients, fruits and vegetables are low in calories and full of fiber that helps promote satiety.
  2. Nuts – a handful of unsalted roasted or raw nuts are easy and handy to eat and carry. Proteins, healthy omega and loaded with micronutrients, nuts make a perfect snack to munch at your desk or while on transit.
  3. Yoghurt- provide a good dose of pro-biotic and calcium.
  4. Sprouts – rich in B-complex vitamin and other micronutrients are good source of vegetarian proteins
  5. Roasted chana and peanuts – make a healthy snack time munchies too.

Now-a-day’s our grocery stores are packed with wide range of munchies and snacks like biscuits, energy bars, health drinks,  granola bars etc. all promoted heavily to be healthy.


Energy bars or nutrition bars, as a healthy snack is under a lot of speculation.  If we evaluate, energy bars can be an ideal healthy snack. Firstly, they are light-weight and pocket-size so are easy to carry.  It is not possible to carry, a fruit or yoghurt everywhere with you right? Secondly, the ingredients used to make them are healthy and nutritious. So, you still are eating natural stuff.

Most energy bars are made from oats, whole grain cereal, dried fruit, fruits, nuts, seeds making it a wholesome treat for a snack.  The best in industry nutrition bars come in amazing flavours which are delicious and healthy at a same time. Granola bars made form healthy granola can be also used as a breakfast bar. A post workout energy refill to pre-workout protein power, these energy bars offer all.

But, one must beware and not fall prey to the sugar-filled candy bars that mimic the real healthy ones. Always read the nutrition labels before zeroing in on any energy bar.  With our busy schedules and on-the-run routines, energy bars can solve our healthy snacking problem to a great extent.  Next time you go hungry and reach out for the unhealthy junk readily available all around you, stop and unwrap an energy bar. Trust me it will be better in so many ways.