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Genetic Screening and What It Can Mean for You

Genetic screening has evolved a lot in the past few years. Once reserved primarily for prenatal care when the situation called for it, the process as advanced greatly over the past decade to include pre-pregnancy screenings between two perspective parents and genetic testing to determine whether you may have genetic predispositions for certain diseases, health problems, etc.

Today the genetic testing process has advanced even further to offer what is known as a pharmacogenomics test. What this means is that you can actually take a test to determine who well your body will respond to certain drugs and medications based on your own genetic structure.

Some people aren’t even aware that your genes not only affect your appearance, by impacting your physical size, height, eye colour, hair colour, and what kind of health you may have, but also how well you will respond to certain medications and whether or not you will even respond to them.

The premise for these types of tests is that your individual genes play a huge role in determining how your body will respond to certain medications. Not only how effective the medications will be, but also what kinds of side effects you might experience while taking the medications and which medications might be a more effective treatment choice for you.

Why are pharmacogenomics test results so important? In a world where some medications are really expensive or may have potentially devastating side effects it is better to err on the side of caution before diving into treatment with a medication that will have questionable effectiveness because of your genetic code. Pharmacogenomics allows you to assess the likelihood of a negative reaction to certain medications. It can even help you determine your optimal dose of a particular medication in many instances eliminating the ups and downs of trying to zero in on the most effective medication dosages.

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There are some limitations to the amazing benefits of pharmacogenomics testing. One of those limitations is that pharmacogenomics testing is not yet available for all medications. Your physician will work with you to help determine whether this type of genetic screening is a promising idea for you according to the specific types of medications you need to take, the side effects that may accompany certain medications, your family medical history, and, in some cases, the costs of the medication you need to take – as this can factor into whether or not some medications are worth it to you.

Your genes make you a unique person. There is only one of you in the world. What works for you, because of your unique genetic code, may not be what works for others. Pharmacogenomics breaks you down to the basic building blocks of your DNA to determine if some medications will be effective treatments for you.